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Dak Pone Hydro Power, Vietnam

Clean hydropower supporting education in Vietnam

Viet Nam

The remote and mountainous province of Kon Tum is home to economically disadvantaged ethnic minorities such as the Se Dang, Mo Nam, Ka Dong and Ho Re people. Fossil fuels are still the most common source of power and because of increasing human activity, air pollution from diesel generators and deforestation from wood-fired heating significantly impact both the environment and the livelihood of these local communities.

Viet Nam
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Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

68,000 MWh

of clean power generated on average annually by plants, ensuring affordable, clean energy for the surrounding communities

8. Decent work and economic growth

18 permanent jobs

created with employees trained in technical hydro powerplant operations

13. Climate Action

57,000 tCO2e

reduced on average annually, directly contributing to climate change mitigation

The Solution

This project involves the installation of two hydropower plants: one on the Dak Pone River and the other on the Dak Ne River. By harnessing the natural power of flowing water, these plants provide the region with reliable and sustainable energy.


The Impact

The introduction of clean energy has already reduced the areas reliance on more carbon-intensive energy sources and helped to secure the energy supply. This means improved regional air quality and the associated health conditions, plus the regeneration of surrounding forests. Sustainable development in the region is facilitated by the project through the following activities. Investments in infrastructure, constructing irrigation canals, bridges, road and installing tap-water pipelines for a number of households; renovating classrooms; improving the electricity system for a primary school for pupils of ethnic minorities in the community; social activities are organised for the local community such as giving presents for 60 households of ethnic minorities in the projects Cosy Winter programme. Finally, the project provides secure local economic opportunities with long-term employment contracts, which include medical insurance and has established a Tade Union and Youth Union for employees to air grievances on any issue.

Project ID: 300653