Both consumers and corporations are looking for ways to lower their climate footprint. Consumers want to reduce the emissions from their consumption and corporations want to decarbonize their supply chain.

Communicate your climate commitments with a Climate Neutral Product

A wide majority of consumers respond positively to a climate neutral label and many say they would choose a climate neutral product over a product that does not demonstrate action on its footprint. In the B2B space, companies are increasingly pledging Science Based Targets and looking for ways to reduce their scope 3 emissions.

By performing an in depth Life Cycle Analysis on your product, reducing emissions where possible and compensating for the unavoidable emissions you can offer your customer a certified Climate Neutral Product.

South Pole has helped customers in the B2C and B2B space certify their products as climate neutral and with that gain important competitive advantage and reduce impact on the environment.

How can South Pole help

Produce and market your climate neutral product

  • Calculate the emissions of producing and shipping your product by doing an in depth life cycle analysis.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions required to manufacture or deliver the product or service.
  • Compensate unavoidable emissions with high quality climate projects.
  • Support in communicating and marketing the solution to your customers.

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