Improving livelihoods and fighting desertification in Mali

Frequent droughts and overuse of increasingly scarce firewood sources are growing problems in Mali, resulting in deforestation and desertification. This emissions reduction project distributes affordable, modern and fuel-efficient cooking stoves that improve livelihoods, decrease smoke-related health issues and protect the climate.

The context

Over half of Mali is covered by the Sahara Desert, and its sparse forests are threatened by further desertification, bushfires and land clearing for farming and firewood – up to 90 percent of Mali's energy is sourced from burning wood and charcoal. Traditional cooking methods use open-fire indoor stoves that emit toxic pollutants, harming household health.

The project

The Katene Clean Cookstoves project expands entrepreneurial company Katene Kadji's operations beyond Mali's capital of Bamako, distributing fuel-efficient charcoal cookstoves in major towns and market centres. The more efficient 'Sewa' cookstoves require less fuel for cooking, and greatly reduce the amount of indoor smoke pollution.

The benefits

The project reduces Mali's wood and charcoal consumption while offering families financial relief from rising fuel costs. Women and children are freed from timeconsuming cooking processes, and public health is improved through minimised exposure to pollutants from traditional open-fire cooking. The national expansion of Katene Kadji also promotes local employment – the project directly employs 10 new artisans, as well as indirectly creating hundreds of new jobs for external artisans, dealers, retailers and distributors. The project also coordinates guided tours to raise environmental and climate awareness, and has so far planted over 2,400 m 2 of trees.

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