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Här delar vi med oss av de senaste inom klimatförändringarna och hur de påverkar vår ekonomi, samhälle och dagliga liv. Läs de senaste perspektiven och åsikterna från både våra egna experter och andra viktiga aktörer inom klimatområdet. Ta del av inspirerande berättelser från våra klimatprojekt runt om i världen. Har du en idé eller ett ämne som du vill veta mer om? Kontakta oss - så tar våra experter hand om det.

Financing Climate Action

Financing Climate Action

Charles Henderson
Putting a price on carbon
06 October 2021

Putting a price on carbon

Renat Heuberger

Climate change need to be solved with the tools at our disposal today, not with super technology decades down the line, writes Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole

Removing and re-using CO2 in a climate-smart way requires close collaboration
31 March 2021

Removing and re-using CO2 in a climate-smart way requires close collaboration

Carmen Álvarez Campo, Joseph Dutton

CCUS is an essential tool to meet climate goals, but the complex systems surrounding it require strong collaboration across sectors to reach its potential.

E-commerce Sales are Skyrocketing. Its Carbon Emissions are too.
19 October 2020

E-commerce Sales are Skyrocketing. Its Carbon Emissions are too.

Corporate Sustainability Associate

Climate Neutral Checkout allows customers opt-in for climate neutral shopping - including shipping - How Online Retailers Can Empower Their Customers to Tackle the Problem in One Click.

Do offsets discourage stronger climate action?
01 September 2020

Do offsets discourage stronger climate action?

Maria Carvalho, Nicolas Kreibich

The coming year will see countries seek robust mechanisms to effectively increase the climate ambition of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Climate Agreement. Given the concerns on the economic costs of stronger climate action, certain compliance schemes are incorporating offsets as a way of containing costs.

24 August 2020

Decarbonising maritime shipping: lanes for direct action

Natalia Gorina

The maritime shipping sector faces a decarbonisation deadlock. While pressure to downsize its GHG footprint increases rapidly, the sector remains responsible for over 1 billion tons of CO2e or 2.89% of global emissions, with an increase of 9.6% in 2018 compared to 2012 levels. Looking specifically at methane emissions, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) found an increase of 150%.

Sydney Australia
18 August 2020

Australian construction: Surviving, thriving and building back better

Gabriella Warden

Last January, at the turn of the decade, a cross-sector push for corporate climate action was well underway. Calls for a better built environment were growing also in the construction industry. In Australia, hundreds of architecture firms signed onto ‘Architects Declare’ — an alliance that recognises the looming climate and biodiversity emergencies and today has close to 1000 signatories.

Jeff Swartz
06 August 2020

Guest Blog - Debate.Energy Interview with Jeff Swartz


If you put a price on something, you’ll get less of it. That’s the theory behind carbon pricing. To learn more about carbon markets and their climate-protection potential, Debate.Energy talked to Jeff Swartz, a senior manager at Zurich-based South Pole, a leading carbon solutions firm.

Can offsets pave the way for ambitious compliance carbon schemes?
05 August 2020

Can offsets pave the way for ambitious compliance carbon schemes?

Maria Carvalho, Nicolas Kreibich

As the urgency to implement more stringent national climate targets grows, can offsets play a role in introducing and raising the ambition of carbon pricing schemes? To answer this question, South Pole and Wuppertal Institute analysed five national and regional carbon pricing schemes to draw insights on offset design. This analysis is part of the ongoing research project “Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Offset Approaches in Selected Sectors”, facilitated and funded by the German Environment Agency.if the

Carbon pricing, carbon credits and coronavirus in APAC
27 July 2020

Carbon pricing, carbon credits and coronavirus in APAC

Gabriella Warden, Leah Wieczorek

At the start of 2020, climate action was unstoppable. Then the pandemic hit. To explore what happened next, South Pole teamed up with the legal experts at Reed Smith Singapore for a Climate Chatter webinar on carbon market, pricing and policy trends in APAC and the impact of the coronavirus on climate action in the region.

South Pole project development
29 May 2020

Canada Environmental Trailblazer: Ties bailouts to TCFD reporting

Director of Sustainable Finance

Covid-19 has brought irreversible changes to our society and economic systems. As we turn our attention towards rebuilding resilient economies, government policy on recovery is now top of mind. Bailout conditions in particular are capturing people’s attention. Leading the way, Canada has connected state aid with climate action.