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Carbon Procurement

Procurement of carbon credits to comply with net zero carbon or other sustainability goals

What are carbon procurements?

Under our carbon procurement mandates, we source and develop carbon assets for clients.

Through these mandates, South Pole’s clients can secure access to high quality carbon credits which match their specific needs and sustainability goals. This gives our clients an edge when the price of credits is high or specific types of credits are not available. 

We work with reputable and committed project partners on the ground and ensure all carbon emissions reductions are verified and validated by independent third parties.

Why carbon procurement?

Shrinking supply and increasing demand

The long-term demand for carbon credits - particularly carbon removal credits - is increasing. Rising demand is being driven by more companies embarking on a net zero journey and new regulation from governments.

At the same time, the supply of high-integrity carbon assets is drying up.

With high demand and low supply, companies risk having to pay high carbon prices to meet regulatory requirements or to meet their net zero commitments in 10-20 years.

Therefore, it is a sound strategy to procure carbon assets already today and thereby hedge against potential future price changes.

How South Pole's Carbon Investment contribute to the net zero transformation.

Which carbon procurement mandates does South Pole offer?

South Pole works with clients across the private, public and non-profit sectors to develop, implement and manage carbon procurement in the areas of Energy, Land & Water or Technology & Industry.

Forestry and Land Use

Procuring credits from forestry, agricultures and community projects.

Carbon Removal

Sourcing technical or nature-based carbon removal projects that provide high quality credits.

Energy Access

Sourcing credits from renewable energy projects with high social impact and co-benefits, such as for schools, hospitals, small business, and low-income households.

South Pole has advised on a range of carbon procurement mandates for private and public entities for over a decade:

US$ 300 million of signed contracts

More than US$ 300 million of signed contracts for carbon credits (e.g carbon procurement mandates for Portuguese, Swiss and Austrian governments as well as private entities).

14+ years of first hand experience

In addition to our track record in carbon procurement, we have 14+ years of first hand carbon project experience.

Over 850 carbon asset projects

We have identified and developed over 850 carbon asset projects, mobilising US$ 10 billion in private investments into energy access, carbon removal, forestry and agriculture projects.

Technical experience

We have over a decade of technical experience in all major carbon standards and project types.


We have sound processes based on globally accepted standards.

Demonstrated track record

We have demonstrated carbon impact and delivery track record with the equivalent of 200 million tCO2 enabled over the past 10+ years.

Our Team

Andrea Rumiz
Corporate Clients

Andrea Rumiz

Director Structured Carbon Deals, Partnerships and Strategy Expansion, Climate Projects
Martin Stadelmann

Martin Stadelmann

Senior Director Climate Investments
Marlies Kimpe
Philanthropic clients

Marlies Kimpe

Associate Director, Funding and Partnerships, Climate Investments

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Andrea Rumiz, Director Structured Carbon Deals, Partnerships and Strategy Expansion, Climate Projects
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