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Tailor-made Impact Platforms

South Pole develops not-for-profit climate impact platforms that address the specific needs of private, public and non-profit clients.

Why new impact platforms?

Existing impact platforms may not meet the specific needs of donors in terms of geography, sector, investment type, and impact delivery schedule. New impact platforms can be tailored to specific investor needs.

New impact platforms also offer specific communication and branding opportunities for clients, and enable tailor-made designs.

How Impact Platforms are developed

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South Pole’s five-step process to develop impact platforms

Once we have developed an impact platform, South Pole offers the following services as an advisor:

  • Impact and technical due diligence of projects and startups
  • Technical and financial advisory for project preparation
  • Monitoring impact
  • Fundraising (grants)
  • Strategic communications

Your trusted partner

South Pole has developed a range of carbon and climate impact platforms for public and private sector clients, including:


The Landscape Resilience Fund (LRF)

Administrative services and grant deployment for a single donor non-profit foundation that provides grants and soft loans to projects and local SMEs that improve the climate change resilience of smallholder farmers and other vulnerable communities in the land-use sector.


Carbon procurement mandates

We have developed and managed six dedicated procurement mandates targeting purchase of certified emission reductions and carbon credit issuance for public and private sector clients.

We have 15 years of experience of working to support a sustainable economy

Identified and developed over 850 projects

Identified and developed over 850 projects, thereby enabling project owners to sell carbon credits and to mobilise more than US$10 billion in private investments for low-carbon projects.

Technical experience

Over a decade of technical experience in land use and clean energy.

Demonstrated climate impact

Demonstrated climate impact with more than 1GtCO2 saved over the past 10 years by our climate action projects.


Sound processes based on globally accepted standards,

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David Grosspietsch, Director, Practice Lead Impact Platforms
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