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Christian Dannecker

Executive Director Global Projects

As Executive Director Global Projects for South Pole, Christian has built up extensive experience working with business, communities and civil society organisations in the area of carbon credits and carbon markets, climate finance, REDD+ and development of forest carbon, conservation, agriculture and energy sector projects.

Christian's special area of interest has been REDD+ projects across Latin America and Africa. Globally Christian has worked across Africa; Asia; and Australia, where he was driving the development of more than 100 conservation, low-carbon agriculture forest restoration and biodiversity conservation projects, commercial reforestation projects and community projects involving efficient stoves and energy efficiency in homes.

He has been affiliated as a Jurisdictional REDD+ expert with Verra, CODE REDD members committee, Colombia's ASOCARBONO working group and also works as a Director in the Conservation NGO Fundación Magnolios.

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