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The South Pole Agricultural Value Chains team

Mark Day

Senior Managing Consultant, Agricultural Value Chains

Mark is a Senior Managing Consultant at South Pole, with 15 years experience working across conservation, environmental management and sustainable agriculture sectors. At South Pole, he provides consultancy to manufacturers, retailers and foodservice companies on how to address their impacts on land and forest systems, through climate Net Zero and no deforestation strategies. Prior to joining South Pole, Mark worked for Unilever's sustainable sourcing team, evaluating the environmental performance of farmers, conducting risk assessments and benchmarking sustainability schemes and supplier programmes.

Andrea Sabelli

Managing Consultant, Agricultural Value Chains

Andrea joins South Pole with years of experience working in ethical supply chains, corporate sustainability and the climate sector developing strategies for corporate, government and multilateral organizations. Her experience spans across North America, Latin America and Africa. During her time at Lush Cosmetics, she led the development and implementation of regenerative agricultural projects aimed at producing ethical raw materials for the supply chain, while creating carbon insets contributing to the company's climate strategy. At South Pole, she supports international clients to identify and evaluate their main sustainability challenges and climate risks and develops strategies, roadmaps and targets aimed at reducing those impacts.

Andrea is a strategic thinker who develops creative solutions that result in positive outcomes for business, community, and the environment. Her areas of expertise include carbon insetting and ethical supply chain sourcing, regenerative agriculture, management of deforestation risks, GHG accounting, carbon markets and sustainability reporting.

Akash Arasu

Managing Consultant, Climate Strategy Advisory

Trained as an economist and based in Zürich, Akash brings more than seven years of strategy and sustainability consulting experience.

Starting his career as a strategy consultant, he's worked across product, corporate and climate mandates in multiple sectors including agribusiness, finance and tech. His most recent work focuses on educating key clients on the climate crisis relating to the private sector, as well as reviewing GHG inventories and building SBTi net-zero roadmaps. This work includes thorough stakeholder engagement to gain buy-ins on corporate climate strategies. A passionate marine conservationist and dive master, he holds an MSc in Economics from the University of St. Gallen.

Viola Iselin

Associate Consultant, Agricultural Value Chains

Viola is a Zurich-based consultant for South Pole's Agricultural Value Chains team. She manages projects developing and implementing corporate climate strategies across various industries, on topics such as value chain interventions and corporate water stewardship. In her role as a Sustainability Consultant based in Zurich, Viola supports clients in retail and food production with the development and implementation of actionable SBT- and Net-zero strategies along their value chains, including for livestock systems.

She particularly focuses on the quantitative assessment of GHG emissions and has strong skills in modelling reduction opportunities and aligning these with SBT setting. Viola holds a BSc and an MSc in Food and Resource Economics from ETH Zurich. Viola is fluent in German and English.

Prior to joining South Pole's Agricultural Value Chain Practice, she trained in agricultural policy research, strategic management of conservation projects, as well as in entrepreneurship for data-driven agritech solutions.

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