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Efficient cooking solutions

Improving livelihoods and reducing GHGs in Haiti


In Haiti, more than 90% of the population cooks on traditional charcoal-based stoves with more than 1.4 million tonnes of charcoal consumed in the country each year. Not only has this contributed to the country's acute deforestation and soil erosion problems, but it equally leads to the release of large amounts of planet-warming emissions. In addition, these cookstoves generate noxious indoor pollutants which lead to the risk of those exposed developing severe health-related issues.

Clean Cookstoves
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Sustainable Development Goals

3. Good Health and Well-Being

Toxic smoke in homes is 50 times lower  

as a result of the cleaner-burning stoves, improving the overall health of users  

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

4,399 LPG stoves

included in the project's most recent monitoring period

13. Climate Action

49,000 tonnes of CO2e avoided  

on average per year

The Solution

This project tackles both the environmental and social issues related to charcoal-based stoves by increasing access to cleaner, cheaper and more efficient cooking solutions. Functioning as a social micro-franchise, the project distributes more efficient charcoal cookstoves, LGP (liquified petroleum gas) cook stoves and solar lanterns. Through a wide distribution network the initiative aims to make access to these modern cooking solutions available to a large part of the Haitian population. 


The Impact

By increasing access to healthier and cleaner cooking solutions the project limits the usage of charcoal and thus prevents the release of GHGs. In addition to the reduction of GHGs and helping to fight deforestation, the project also offers the possibility to reduce the emissions of toxic gas such as carbon monoxide inside households. In turn the initiative has a positive impact on the health of the Haitian population, improving overall livelihoods across the country.

Project ID: 302465
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