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Nam Chim Hydro Power

Cutting GHG emissions and providing economic stability

Viet Nam

In recent years, Vietnam has suffered critical electricity shortages as a consequence of rapidly increasing demand and insufficient supply, having negative implications both on economic growth and the daily lives of Vietnamese people. In the mountainous region where this project is situated light and heat traditionally comes from burning wood or from dirty and inefficient diesel generators, which have negative health implications both on the people using them and on the planet.

Viet Nam
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Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

34,000 MWh  

of clean energy provided to the grid on average annually, promoting renewable energy development in the country

8. Decent work and economic growth

28 jobs created  

boosting local economies  

13. Climate Action

26,000 tCO2e mitigated  

on average annually, by providing an alternative to the burning of fossil fuels  

The Solution

To address the issue of energy instability in the country as well as the impending effects of climate change, Vietnam must move away from fossil fuels towards renewables. The Nam Chim Hydro Power project contributes towards this agenda through the operation of a two-unit hydropower plant, located on Nam Chim river in Son La province. The project produces clean, renewable energy that is supplied directly to the national grid.


The Impact

Estimated to generate 62,500 MWh of electricity annually the project sends energy through a newly constructed 110 kV transmission line directly to the national grid, providing energy stability to local communities previously affected by frequent power outages. As an alternative to the country’s traditional fossil fuel sources, hydro power additionally contributes towards cutting the country’s GHGs and accelerating it towards a renewable energy future.

Project ID: 300835
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