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Changbin and Taichung Wind

Expanding Taiwan’s renewables sector and raising environmental awareness


Despite strong coastal winds along its shoreline, the island of Taiwan remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels, which make up over 75% of its total installed electricity capacity. Shifting towards sustainable energy is vital for Taiwan’s national security, and its economic and environmental prosperity.

Wind power

Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

483,000 MWh

generated annually and supplied to the local grid

8. Decent work and economic growth

28 local jobs created

boosting local economies

13. Climate Action

328,000+ tonnes of CO2e

reduced on average annually by providing a clean alternative to fossil fuel generation

15. Life on land

2400 m2 of trees

planted, encouraging biodiversity in the area

The Solution

This project harnesses the strong prevailing winds along Taiwan’s west coast. The wind farms consist of 62 wind turbines that generate over 480,000 MWh of clean power on average each year, which is supplied to the local electricity grid.


The Impact

As well as contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts through emission reductions, the project is engaged in several activities that help to preserve the local ecosystem such as regular beach clean ups and guided tours that raise awareness about climate change, pollution and other environmental issues. The project has also supported the reforestation of 2,400 m2 of land, which is encouraging local biodiversity.

Project ID: 300190

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