In order to effectively mitigate water risks, companies increasingly focus on taking action in relevant watersheds beyond the site level. Projects contribute to tackling local water risks, mitigating physical water scarcity, improving relationships with local communities and authorities and fostering cooperation with other relevant actors.

South Pole is ideally positioned to develop water projects in stressed catchments where your company operates or sources from. This lets you manage water more effectively in line with your corporate water strategy. Based on our extensive experience in developing sustainability projects worldwide, we can assist you in all steps: designing, implementing, certifying and managing targeted local water projects.

The global water crisis affects businesses worldwide in many different ways across countries and water catchments. Water projects strengthen value chains by conserving local water resources and improving the lives of communities. Water catchment projects range from green infrastructure, such as reforestations and wetland creation to water-efficient agricultural techniques and rainwater harvesting, up to checking dams and reservoir pits to increase the availability of productive water. We help you to select the most suitable technology and implementation partners. We support you in managing your project. Next to project management, our key expertise is the provision of methodologies, tools and analytics to measure and verify the positive local impacts of your water interventions both on the environment and on your business. This can be achieved by applying available standards, such as the Water Benefit Standard, or by developing customised monitoring approaches.

Our offering at a glance:

  • Conceptualise your watershed project and assess its feasibility
  • Forge private and public partnerships for collective action around water
  • Identify and evaluate technologies and local partners
  • Involve local communities as key stakeholders
  • Manage your project through implementation and operation
  • Monitor, evaluate and certify your progress and communicate your impact, e.g. according to the Water Benefit Standard
  • Leverage innovative financing to ensure your project dollars go further
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