The sporting industry is not your average billion-dollar global business. Although like most large, globalised industries the sporting industry leaves a rather hefty environmental footprint, sports are unique in their ability to convene, to move, and to inspire – and it’s a powerful ability not to be overlooked.

To many sporting fans, winning or losing feels like a matter of life or death. In the context of the environmental challenges facing our world today, however, the life versus death situation is a very real one indeed.

But the game plan is changing!

Cheered on by the growing global consensus on the need for urgent climate action and fans who welcome more environmentally conscious experiences, sporting organisations around the globe are taking running steps to mitigate their environmental impact. The green sports revolution is the newest sporting craze that’s sweeping every nation.

South Pole’s Michael Malara recently spoke to The School For Humanity about this new trend among sports organisations, and explained how our global economies and societies truly thrive when sports and sustainability are intertwined.

From FIFA and Major League Soccer, to baseball and the New York Mets, sustainability programmes in the sporting industry create winners for people and the environment.

In this podcast, Mike talks about the far-reaching impacts of climate change for sports and individuals across the globe, the changing North American sustainability landscape, and that no matter whether your team wins or loses, when big sporting players take sustainability seriously, every game wins a championship for communities and the climate.

Click here to listen Mike talk about the growing sustainable sports movement, and learn how and why sustainability & sport make a championship-winning combination...