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This where we cherry pick the latest news and views on climate change and how its effects are already making waves in our economies, societies and daily lives. Tune into the fresh perspectives and opinions from both our own experts and other great movers & shakers on the climate scene and read uplifting stories from our climate protection projects across the world. Have an idea or topic you'd like to learn more about? Get in touch with - our experts have it covered!

Australian climate policy discussions

Australian climate policy discussions in Canada: networking with the Montreal responsible investment community

Thomas Schröder
Jeff at COP25

Will the "missing piece" of the Paris Agreement be decided this week?

One component of the Paris Agreement on climate change that has remained somewhat of a black hole is Article 6, which outlines countries cooperating with one another on their own volition to help achieve emissions-reduction targets.

enhance ambition for climate action

Practice makes perfect: a project developer's view on Article 6 pilots

Article 6 unlocks a multitude of opportunities for countries to work together and enhance ambition for climate action under the Paris Agreement. Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2016, Article 6 negotiators at the UNFCCC have faced tremendous pressure to design an Article 6 rulebook that will create the most environmentally robust and cost-effective outcomes. Their job is not an easy one. South Pole’s response to the challenge facing Article 6 negotiators is to show how these policy concepts could be applied in a real world policy setting. This is why we have teamed up with the Climate Cent Foundation and the Swedish Energy Agency to develop two Article 6 pilots in Thailand and Colombia respectively.

Why clean technology will give us the edge we need to solve the climate crisis

Why clean technology will give us the edge we need to solve the climate crisis

The move to net zero must happen as quickly as possible – and it must happen at scale. To achieve real, quantifiable impacts we must explore all possible policy solutions. While carbon pricing and sustainable finance are critical tools for solving the climate crisis, Martin Stadelmann argues that it is clean technology that will help us hit the bullseye on our net-zero target.

Future Climate Leaders

A just climate transition is the name of the game in Sweden

A survey found that Climate and Environment were the most important topics amongst Swedish voters when deciding on political party in the EU election last month. In fact, flying and meat consumption amongst Swedes decreased during 2017 and 2018 for the first time in a South Pole invited key sustainability players to the Climate Leaders Forum in Stockholm on 28th May to explore how businesses should respond to growing public demand for companies to take climate responsibility.

Carbon and Climate Conference

Top 5 Takeaways from Australia's largest Carbon & Climate Conference: the CMI Summit

What’s happening faster than increasing global emissions? News and stories about climate change and Australia’s policies to respond. Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about Australian climate policy following the Carbon Market Institute’s 6th Australasian Emission Reduction Summit, held in Melbourne two weeks before the federal election.

The “Insetting Philosophy”: Deliver positive impact where it’s needed most

The "Insetting Philosophy": Deliver positive impact where it’s needed most

In April 2019, South Pole co-hosted the Nature for Impact Event in London together with International Platform for Insetting (IPI) and Ecopshere, where corporate climate leaders from L’Oréal, Nespresso, Chanel, Kering and Olam gathered to share experiences and discuss the benefits of developing emissions reduction projects in and around the supply chain – also known as ‘insetting”. While organisations define insetting slightly differently, during the conference, a clear thread could be identified that we call the “insetting philosophy". Explore this philosophy further as we re-visit some of the key takeaways from the day...

Climate risk reporting is Australia

The state of play: Climate risk reporting in Australia

In the coming years, Australian business will see a growing number of “pushes” to prepare for climate change, as the urgency to address climate risks becomes increasingly apparent. In the lead up to the Australian federal election and off the back of a number of important announcements, John Davis, South Pole's Commercial Director, APAC & North America, explores the state of play of climate risk reporting in Australia.

We need to move faster: reflections from the COP24 climate summit

We need to move faster: reflections from the COP24 climate summit

From ramping up countries’ climate ambitions to operationalising the Paris climate agreement and defining a role for businesses in implementing it, the fortnight of UN climate talks and side-events centred on one key theme: translating commitments into ambitious, transparent climate action for all.

COP 24 Katowice Poland 2018

Standardisation, leverage and "early in - early out": insights from COP24 side event on de-risking climate finance

The panel examined the lessons from existing de-risking tools and strategised how to increase investments in the low carbon economy from USD billions to trillions, at COP24. The insights were striking. South Pole's Director Green Finance, Martin Stadelmann and panel moderator shares his thoughts and 5 key takeaways.

Sustainable living

La oportunidad de Colombia de acelerar el crecimiento y desarrollo libres de deforestación

Hace ya más de un año que el Gobierno de Colombia, en colaboración con socios internacionales y nacionales de los sectores público y privado, se unió a The Forest Alliance (TFA) 2020. Hoy, cuando South Pole se prepara para apoyar esta alianza en la implementación de enfoques jurisdiccionales para la producción sostenible de productos básicos, hacemos un recuento de la forma en que algunas iniciativas pueden contribuir con la eliminación de la deforestación en las cadenas de suministro.

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