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Climate-conscious travel, with a&o Hostels

Today's travelers demand to see an authentic commitment to sustainability and ways to address their climate impact. Climate Click can help the travel and accommodation sectors with their climate journey.

The challenge

a&o Hostels aims to strengthen its position as a leading sustainable hostel chain in Europe while actively involving its young demographic in the ethos of budget-friendly sustainable travel.

The solution

Climate Click by South Pole helps to provide an estimate of the carbon footprint of one overnight stay based on a&o company data. Through the Climate Click integration, a&o guests now have the opportunity to fund climate action based on their emissions at the booking process and checkout.

The Result

In just the initial months following this integration, nearly 1000 travelers have proactively used Climate Click to compensate for the environmental impact of their stays at a&o Hostels.


Take a look at our video showcasing our partnerships with a&o hostels.

With South Pole's Climate Click, we found the perfect tool to fund climate action. The experience with and the expert insights of South Pole give us confidence in achieving our sustainability goals.

Philip Winter, CMO, a&o Hostels

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Talk to us about getting started on your Climate Journey.
Lisa Schleifenlehner - Senior Business Development Associate, DACH
Talk to us about getting started on your Climate Journey.
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