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Natera - taking the first steps toward becoming a sustainable healthcare organization

​Who is Natera?

Natera provides cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing for more personalized health decisions, specializing in women's health, oncology, and organ health. It aims to innovate with integrity while making personalized genetic testing and diagnostics a standard part of healthcare.


As an organization that strives to help people on their health journeys, Natera recognizes the importance of getting started on its climate journey. South Pole worked with Natera to guide the company through its climate ambitions and figure out how to take the first steps on its journey. Before setting targets or making any claims, the first crucial step was to be transparent about its GHG emissions.

How did South Pole help?

South Pole guided Natera in performing its first full GHG accounting for scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions in 2021 and submitting to CDP for the first time. We provided flexibility and guidance to Natera's sustainability team to be able to request data from hundreds of suppliers as part of Natera's ongoing sustainability strategy.

Measuring GHG emissions is a vital first step toward net-zero and we are excited to work with Natera on the next steps of its climate journey.


“We are grateful to have South Pole as a thought-partner and extension to our sustainability team, adding both expertise and capacity. This partnership has teed us up to be successful in our ongoing sustainability and climate journey."

Casey Stock, ESG & Sustainability

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Colin Tomkins-Bergh, Business Development Manager

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