KliK foundation Case Study

Case Study: Promoting climate action on Swiss sewage treatment plants

On behalf of the KliK foundation, South Pole is operating a program to reduce methane emissions from Swiss sewage treatment plants. The program enables the plant operators to improve their carbon footprint and to increase their self-sufficiency with simple measures.

South Pole's approach:

  • Is good for the climate: The emissions of methane, which is 25 times more harmful than CO2, are reduced.
  • Entails a customised solution: Three different options take into account the individual conditions of the sewage treatment plant. The core processes of wastewater treatment are thereby hardly affected.
  • Is financially interesting: A support of up to 140 CHF per ton of saved CO2 allows for a quick payback of the investment.
  • Has lean administration: The administration costs for the sewage treatment plant are low. South Pole handles the whole issuance process of the CO2 certificates.

Swiss sewage treatment plants

Our current program participants

So far, measures on the following Swiss sewage treatment plants have been supported by:

Further plants are analysing their reduction potential or are preparing to do so.

For more information, please visit the programme page in German.

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