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Hebei Yuxian Wind

Driving the clean-energy transition to decrease emissions


As the world’s second-largest economy and one that is rapidly expanding, China is in need of renewable solutions quickly and at scale. Despite its historic dependence on coal, the country’s energy sector is taking significant strides following its president's call for an 'energy revolution'. Energy policies are placing emphasis on renewable solutions with wind power at the forefront and center of these technologies.

Wind power

Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

111,000 MWh

is provided annually to China’s national grid

8. Decent work and economic growth

35 jobs created

for permanent positions during operation phase, as well as 300 jobs created during the construction period, boosting the regional economy

13. Climate Action

118,000 tonnes of CO2e mitigated

on average annually, by providing an alternative to the burning of fossil fuels

The Solution

Located in Hebei province, in North China, the Hebei Yuxian Wind project aims to aid the country's transition towards a low-carbon future through a site of 33 wind turbines with the capacity of producing clean energy every year. The electricity generated by this project is supplied to China’s Northern energy grid system which is dominated by fossil fuel-fired power plants and thus displaces emissions that are generated from the burning of these fuels.

Image credit: Unsplash
Image credit: Unsplash

The Impact

Not only does the project cut GHG emissions and local air pollution, which would otherwise be related to the burning of coal, but it also has socio-economic benefits such as creating 35 permanent jobs for the local population, as well as 300 jobs created during the construction period, boosting the regional economy. In addition, the project stimulates the technical transfer of knowledge related to the power industry in China, by providing workshops and training to long-term staff.   

Project ID: 303364
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