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Huaneng Jilin Tongyu Wind

Harnessing ocean winds to generate clean, renewable energy for China


As the world's largest consumer of coal-generated electricity, China has a long path ahead to a low-carbon future. Yet despite its historic dependency on coal, China's energy sector is taking huge strides following its politicians' call for an 'energy revolution'. Energy policies are placing large emphasis on renewable solutions with wind power at the forefront and centre of these technologies.

Wind power

Sustainable Development Goals

4. Quality Education

Trainings provided to local workers

on the operational processes of the power plant and monitoring of data generated

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

230,000 MWh

of clean electricity generated on average each year

13. Climate Action

210,000 tonnes of CO2e

prevented from being released into the atmosphere each year

The Solution

The Huaneng Jilin Tongyu Wind Power project, situated in the far Eastern province of Jilin, China, is a large-scale wind farm which accommodates 67 wind turbines that generate energy year round. By harnessing strong prevailing winds that travel across the North Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan, the carefully located wind turbines generate an estimated 230,800 MWh of electricity annually - enough to power 13,310 homes each year!


The Impact

Reducing the need for fossil-fuel generated electricity, both contributes towards the country’s green energy transition and increases energy security as electricity is fed directly to China's North East grid. Simultaneously the move towards wind power prevents the release of significant GHG emissions, which would otherwise be generated from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal. In addition the project trains a number of local workers to be proficient in both operational processes and understanding how to monitor and manage the data generated from the wind plant. 

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