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Koru Wind Power

Kickstarting Turkey’s clean energy sector and creating jobs


As Turkey moves into the twenty-first century, its energy consumption is increasing to meet the demands of a thriving industrial sector and growing population. With little infrastructural development of the renewables sector and few raw energy resources of its own, Turkey’s current dependence on coal and other fossil fuel imports is unsustainable.

Wind power

Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

147,943 MWh

of electricity fed to the public grid on average annually, powering homes with renewable energy

8. Decent work and economic growth

19 job opportunities

created including jobs for local employees

13. Climate Action

83,000 tonnes of co2e

reduced on average annually, by replacing traditional methods of burning imported fossil fuels with clean energy generated by wind power

The Solution

Located in eastern Turkey, this bundled wind power project has a 50 MW capacity with 16 turbines spanning several hilltops and multiple villages across the district. By powering homes in the surrounding area with renewable wind power, Koru Wind Power displaces fossil fuel generated energy. As a result, the project reduces emissions by over 80,000 tCO2e every year, and stimulates the growth of wind power infrastructure in Turkey.


The Impact

Beyond creating sustainable energy and displacing carbon emissions from traditional fossil fuel energy methods, this project also creates a range of economic and social benefits for surrounding communities. Jobs have been created for both the construction and the ongoing maintenance of the plant, as the Koru Wind Power Plant continues to employ workers from surrounding villages. In addition, the quality of employment is improved, as local workers are trained in specialist operational knowledge.

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