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Dispensers in Malawi

Improving lives and reducing emissions through clean water filters


While Malawi is significantly rich in natural resources, the country is one of the poorest in the world, with around 4 million people lacking access to safe water. Many of these communities depend on burning wood that they collect from neighbouring forests, to purify the water they drink, inadvertently contributing towards deforestation.

Safe Water

Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty

118,000+ households  

benefited from reduced household fuel costs since the project start

3. Good Health and Well-Being

530,000 people  

provided with safe water, improving their health, since the project start

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

3,700 dispensers  

distributed, providing safe drinking water

13. Climate Action

70,000 tonnes of CO2e  

mitigated on average annually  

15. Life on land

Reduced deforestation  

as firewood is no longer needed to boil water  

Please note that the SDG metrics listed reflect the total impact of the umbrella project's activities and do not reflect the impact of each micro-scale project.

The Solution

This project aims to improve the Malawian population’s access to safe water by distributing and installing more than 3,500 chlorine dispensers across rural areas. In addition to the distribution of the filters, the project educates the community about the dangers of contaminated water and how to use the dispenser to treat their water. A community member is elected to be the dispenser ‘promoter’, who encourages use of the dispenser, reports any problems, and refills the dispenser with chlorine as and when needed.

Image credit: Canva
Image credit: Canva

The Impact

From a social perspective the project reduces water borne diseases, improves overall health and cuts the amount of time and money needed to collect firewood. From an environmental angle the project alleviates pressure on Malawi’s unique natural landscapes through reducing the burning of woody biomass to purify water. Due to the decreased burning of firewood, the project significantly cuts planet-warming emissions that contribute towards climate change.

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