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Carbon and biodiversity project development in Australia

For landowners keen to diversify revenue or businesses looking to demonstrate climate leadership, South Pole is your expert partner with over a decade of on-the-ground project development experience.

For landowners keen to diversify revenue or businesses looking to demonstrate climate leadership, South Pole is your expert partner with over a decade of on-the-ground project development experience.

With demand for high quality carbon credits rising fast and prices increasing, new climate action projects need to be developed to generate the credits needed to reach targets set under the Paris Agreement. At the same time, there is growing recognition of the need to protect and restore biodiversity. Australia's unique landscapes and scale, combined with a well-developed carbon market and standards, creates the ideal environment for carbon and biodiversity projects to thrive.

Working across the country, South Pole's Australian team is helping to accelerate climate action by directly funding and connecting investors to new and existing projects. We are focused on creating long-term partnerships with diverse stakeholders, delivering equitable outcomes and creating positive impacts on climate, ecosystems and communities.


Nature-based and agricultural projects

Australia has the third largest arable land surface in the world, a huge coastline, and plenty of sunshine. It's a perfect fit for carbon emissions avoidance and sequestration at scale.

Talk to us about soil carbon, blue carbon, savanna burning, forest protection and revegetation projects.


Technological projects

With pressure on Australia's resources and manufacturing sector to decarbonise, many companies are exploring opportunities to generate carbon credits using their industrial assets.

We can help identify and develop projects such as energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage and other industry methods.


Biodiversity projects

Biodiversity stewardship projects can be financed by companies wishing to demonstrate commitment to the environment.

Biodiversity credits protect native vegetation and wildlife and can be used to offset a company's land use activities. These credits reflect ecosystem improvements and can be "stapled" to other nature-based solution credits.



Landholders and farm owners can benefit from establishing new carbon farming projects, implementing agricultural management activities that will improve productivity, and generating carbon credits as additional revenue. Carbon farming projects also offer the opportunity for the agricultural industry to be a leader in climate change solutions.


Corporates and investors

Ambitious and innovative companies with net zero targets could secure their carbon credit supply by investing directly in projects. Those who take the opportunity now to invest in the development of new projects will benefit from securing long-term access to carbon credits with better control over price.


Traditional Owners

Carbon projects provide the opportunity for Indigenous communities to earn revenue from their traditional land management techniques. We know that no two projects are the same, so we work closely with Traditional Owners to understand their aspirations and explore options to create equitable outcomes for all.

Why South Pole?

Global project development leader

Our team has experience developing & managing projects in line with international & local standards in over 50 countries. We have developed over 1000 climate action projects worldwide since 2005 & mobilised over US$15 billion clean energy investments.

Boots on the ground locally

We’ve been involved in the Australian market since the launch of the Carbon Farming Initiative in 2011 & have developed over 100 ERF projects. Our team of carbon & biodiversity specialists are based in Cairns, Brisbane, Albury, Sydney, Perth & Melbourne.

Access to voluntary carbon buyers

We can sell your credits to the best voluntary carbon buyers in Australia and overseas. South Pole is trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world to enable their climate action and has delivered over 100 million carbon credits to date.

Driving innovation and best practice

We are co-founders of the Gold Standard, founding members of the 3R Initiative and co-developers of Verra Plastic credit. We have registered the world’s first two blue carbon projects under the VCS standard.

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South Pole Compliance Policy

South Pole is committed to providing a high degree of integrity and transparency to our clients and partners. We operate all business activities lawfully and in a matter that is consistent with our legal obligations in Australia and globally.


Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct

As a signatory of the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, South Pole Australia adheres to the general principles in its business activities and in all of its dealings with client stakeholders.


South Pole Complaints Policy

South Pole is committed to providing a good standard of quality of services to all our stakeholders.

Tom Schröder, Head of Climate Action
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