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Dempsey Ridge Wind

Powering the United States’ transition toward a low-carbon economy 


Oklahoma is a traditionally rural region where agriculture and mineral resource extraction are the principal economic pursuits. Introducing sustainable infrastructure to this area not only provides an energy supplement to the region, but encourages a switch to more sustainable economies by making renewable infrastructures more viable.

United States
Wind power

Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

132 MW of clean energy

capacity provided to the regional grid, promoting the renewable energy industry in USA

8. Decent work and economic growth

150 jobs

created during project construction and 13 permanent skilled jobs are ongoing, boosting local economies

13. Climate Action

312,000 tonnes of CO2e

reduced on average annually by providing an alternative energy source to the burning of fossil fuels

The Solution

The Dempsey Ridge project activity is a zero emissions, grid-connected, electricity generation sourced from wind energy with each turbine having a capacity of 2 MW. The facility delivers power into the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).The electricity generated by the project dispaces electricity generated from existing fossil fuel plants in the Southwest region.

The Impact

The electricity delivered to the grid by the project would have otherwise been generated by the operation of the largely non-renewable power plants. With the consistent supply of clean energy from this project, the project furthers the renewable energy market in the region as well as in the USA; 46,000 homes in Oklahoma and surrounding states are now powered with renewable energy from the project. Beyond the environmental benefits of displacing fossil fuel emissions from the atmosphere, the project has boosted economies by providing temporary and permanent jobs to local workers during project construction and operations.

Project ID: 302037
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