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Hunan Landfill Gas Power

Converting emissions from landfill waste into green energy


Waste in China is an immense issue, with the volume of debris increasing exponentially each year for the last decade. Landfills are thus an inevitable part of the country’s waste management system. But with large landfills come large quantities of toxic landfill gas emissions (LFG), which are released into the atmosphere throughout decomposition.


Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

21,000 MWh

of electricity generated on average each year

8. Decent work and economic growth

12 jobs

created thanks to the project

12. Responsible consumption and production

107,000 tonnes of CO2e

reduced on average per year thanks to the project

The Solution

Located in the province of Hunan in China, this project aims to treat methane emissions, derived from landfill sites, that would be released to the atmosphere. By converting the emissions into electricity the project supplies energy to the national grid which powers households and businesses across the region. 

Image credit: Canva
Image credit: Canva

The Impact

The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions both by preventing the release of  landfill-derived methane into the environment but additionally through displacing the use of fossil-fuel derived energy from the grid. As methane is incredibly flammable, the project simulatenously provides an environmentally sound solution to minimising explosion risks at the landfill site, protecting the safety and wellbeing of workers at the site. Numerous employment opportunities are created through the project, boosting the sustainable job sector and economic productivity of the area.

Project ID: 302729
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