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Svilosa Biomass

Sustainable fuel switch at a paper mill


The transition to clean energy in Bulgaria is an important step towards long-lasting climate action. By promoting innovative technology in production industries such as wood, this transition can become a reality. The use of biomass as an alternative fuel is particularly innovative in pulp mills which create biomass waste in the production process. By installing biomass boiler technology, waste wood residue is recycled and clean energy is generated.


Sustainable Development Goals

4. Quality Education

5 sessions training

provided to the employees

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

89,000 MWh

of net thermal energy generated on average annually

8. Decent work and economic growth

10 permanent jobs

created by the project for local people

11. Sustainable communities and cities

Advanced waste management

at the plant helps contribute to keeping the local towns clean including safe disposal of ash and oil

13. Climate Action

83,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average per year

The Solution

This project creates a renewable energy source using biomass residues from wood treatment in the Svilocell Pulp Mill in Bulgaria. This biomass is combusted in a specially designed biomass boiler to generate thermal energy in the form of water steam that in turn, fuels the production of pulp. With a thermal capacity of 19.73 MW, the biomass boiler displaces carbon dioxide that would have been produced from the burning of more carbon-intensive fuels.


The Impact

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Bulgaria compared to the business-as-usual scenario, this project reduces CO2 emissions and promotes sustainable energy alternatives in Bulgaria. It also reduces other pollutants from the atmosphere by reducing the plant’s reliance on fossil fuel steam generation methods.

Project ID: 302159
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