Today, consumers demand that corporations be aware of climate change. They also want to take action to reduce their impact. Making it easy for them to do so reduces risk, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances your environmental performance.

Integrating climate action in every customer interaction

Every booked flight, every grilled steak, every new pair of jeans ordered has a climate impact.

Historically, action on climate has been difficult to take on a per-transaction basis. Climate Neutral Applications solve this problem by providing customers with insight into the impact of their purchases and the opportunity to invest in climate projects to compensate that impact.

This action is achieved at the merchant level by implementing Climate Neutral Checkout, or at the product level by developing a Climate Neutral Product.

How can South Pole Help

Make every shopping cart count with Climate Neutral Checkout

  • Research shows that consumers will gladly pay for climate neutrality if offered and that companies that do so have higher customer retention and improved reputational scores.
  • Integrating a climate-neutral option into your e-commerce experience is a great way to offer your customers the option to compensate impact at check-out.

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Communicate your climate commitments with a Climate Neutral Product

  • 66% of consumers support a climate-neutral label and 20% say they would choose a climate-neutral product over a product that does not demonstrate action on its footprint.
  • More and more companies want to reduce the emissions in their supply chain and ask suppliers about the footprint of their products.
  • We can help product companies certify for a Climate Neutral Product and provide you with marketing support to make sure customers are aware of it.

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