South Pole helps you to achieve your commitments towards a deforestation free supply chain, while creating value for your organisation, your stakeholders and the environment.

Your supply chain can operate as effectively, efficiently and as profitably and reduce its impact on our world's woodlands at the same time. We know this for a fact because we make it happen for a fact, all over the world. Often, clients see actual improvement in both supply chain efficiency and their bottom line.

Your brand and all those who have a stake in it will welcome initiatives improving efficiencies and the environment simultaneously. South Pole's custom designed deforestation-free services cover:

  • Understanding your supply chain deforestation footprint
  • Identifying risks and devise a zero deforestation strategy
  • Acting for a deforestation free supply chain
  • Focusing activities around your business' target goals

Whether your organisation is heavily dependent on 'the woods' to make it run or if paper and pencils are the extent of your use, action to protect forests matters. The forests and woodlands, besides providing resources from which profits are made, are the greatest carbon filters on Earth. The cutting down of trees accounts for up to 20% of global carbon emissions.

A risk to business and the environment

The cost of doing business can only go go nowhere but up if action isn't taken to protect our forests and woodlands. Over 70% of the world's deforestation is at the hands of commercial agriculture. Nearly half (49%) of due to illegal commercial agriculture and (24%) the direct result of illegal conversion for export markets.

Joining the fight is good business

Your company is in good company by participating in proven deforestation prevention measures:

  • 240 financial institutions, controlling assets of US$15 trillion were signatories to CDP's " forest disclosure" (2014)
  • 34 companies have signed the UN Declaration on Forests.
  • 413 members of the Consumer Goods Forum such as WalMart and Nestlé have pledged to achieve deforestation free supply chains between 2020 and 2030.

A driving force behind this sudden committed to the world's woodlands is fueled in part by new strategies demonstrating just how much business sense it makes. South Pole's solutions are always business savvy and community friendly. Helping to increase the long term sustainability of your supply chains and reducing its impact on resources are the two dots we connect with every mission. Here's how we've gone about developing and certifying over 300 projects around the world:

  • Understand your current impact on forests
  • Assess deforestation risks
  • Improve your sourcing policies
  • Monitor the impact of your supply chain
  • Prioritise, design, monitor and certify direct interventions to fight deforestation
  • Drive continuous improvement of your supply chain

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