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Genneia Wind

Powering Argentina with renewable wind energy


Argentina is home to the Western Hemisphere's best wind resources, with the Atlantic coastline and southern Patagonia experiencing year-round, steady wind. However, the country is behind its smaller neighbours when turning these resources into a reliable power source. Instead, Argentina relies heavily on fossil-fuel based power and the national grid operates at near capacity, leaving Buenos Aires and other cities prone to blackouts.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Affordable and Clean Energy

900,000 MWh

of clean and renewable electricity generated on average each year

Decent work and economic growth

Green jobs

created thanks to the project, supporting a socially just climate transition

Industry, Innovation and Infrasctruture

Resilient renewable energy infrastructure

will propel Argentina to a low-carbon future

Climate Action

384,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average each year

The Solution

The project installs 71 state-of-the art wind turbines across 6 wind farms, 4 are located close to the county’s capital, Buenos Aires, while the other 2 sit on some of Argentina’s windiest plains in the southern province of Chubut. The turbines will harness the power of strong prevailing winds to generate clean, renewable electricity for the national grid.


The Impact

By driving wind-generated energy, this project displaces harmful, fossil-fuel-based power, cutting the associated greenhouse gas emissions. As well as increasing Argentina's energy security, the project boosts long-term green growth by installing renewable energy infrastructure and creating job opportunities.

Project ID: 302560

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