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Daniela Monteiro smiling at the camera with a cloudy day and a three-story in the background.

Daniela Monteiro

Senior Specialist, Climate Investments

Daniela is a Senior Specialist in Climate Investments at South Pole, with a strong focus on multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives mobilizing investments for nature conservation and nature-based solutions. She manages the implementation of regional and local projects and the development of new products for corporate, financial, and public sectors. She managed the CPIC secretariat, a global 126-member multi-stakeholder initiative focused on enabling conditions that support a material increase in private, return-seeking investment in conservation. Daniela holds a BSc in Psychology from Erasmus University Rotterdam and an MSc in Global Business and Sustainability from the Rotterdam School of Management, where she studied the challenges and opportunities for driving social impact in sub-Saharan African last-mile communities and; successful social entrepreneurship in developing and emerging economies.

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