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Martin Stadelmann

Global Co-Head of Advisory

Martin, co-lead of South Pole's Climate Advisory business, is a decarbonization and climate finance expert with a background in political science (PhD), geography (MSc) and economics. He has more than 15 years of experience in advising governments and companies on climate action with a focus on clean energy, land use and adaptation to a rapidly changing climate.

He contributed to innovative mechanisms under the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (Climate Investor One, Debt Fund for Prepaid Energy, Energy Savings Insurance), the Global Landscape of Climate Finance reports and the finance chapters of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and the UNEP Adaptation Gap report 2014.

Until 2009, he managed climate action projects in developing countries at myclimate. During 2009-2018, he has advised dozens of governments and multinational corporations on climate action, and particularly climate finance. He represented the Swiss government in the international climate negotiations.

In the last few years, he initiated several innovative climate action funds and platforms, including the Landscape Resilience Fund or the City Finance Lab.

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