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South Amazon Forest Protection

Protecting the abundantly biodiverse Southern Amazon from deforestation


Brazil has the greatest concentration of biodiversity on the entire planet – its abundant life forms represent 20% of all Earth’s known species. The rainforest protected by this project is home to at least 345 bird species including three vulnerable bird species and a further 27 that are endemic to the Southern Amazon. Parts of the project area have been categorized by Brazilian Government's Ministry for the Environment as high and extremely priority areas for conservation. Yet Brazil’s rich Amazonian rainforests still face alarming rates of deforestation – a particular issue for the Southern Amazon, where low governance and encroaching infrastructure leave the area vulnerable to deforestation, primarily from beef cattle ranching and timber harvesting.

Forest Protection
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Sustainable Development Goals

2. Zero Hunger

Complimentary meals

provided to all employees by the project proponent, negating the need for fishing and hunting within the project area

4. Quality Education

Workplace training

provided for employees with the National Industry Service or Tropical Forest Institute covers reduced impact logging, first aid, and firefighting

8. Decent work and economic growth

700 job opportunities

created by the project are boosting the local economy and regional development

13. Climate Action

483,000 tonnes of CO2e

reduced on average annually, through avoided deforestation and forest carbon stock maintenance

15. Life on land

186,219 hectares

of Amazon rainforest protected–home to 345 birds (including 3 vulnerable species) and 8 vulnerable or endangered mammal species

The Solution

Straddling the border of Amazonas state and Acre state in Brazil in the agricultural expansion frontier region, the project encompasses a single property, Fazenda Seringal Novo Macapá. The area forms a buffer, blocking encroaching deforestation and bolstering general conservation efforts in Brazil. Under a sustainable forest management plan (SFMP), this REDD+ project protects a vast swathe of the Southwestern Amazon from deforestation. The Forest Stewardship Council certified SFMP is a tool for conservation and forest carbon stock maintenance, ensuring sustainable timber harvests, increasing surveillance, and reducing social and environmental impacts in the project area.


The Impact

As well as preventing deforestation to reduce emissions, this REDD+ project is registered under the Social Carbon Standard, certifying positive community and environmental impacts. By combining these two coveted categories, the project conserves biodiversity and promotes local sustainable development harmoniously. Regional economic benefits such as job opportunities are created in project management and conservation activities, and the project supports community initiatives such as environmental education while upholding a focus on maintaining local traditional cultures. Over thirty years, this project will protect over 186,219 hectares of rainforests from being cut down or degraded, avoiding the emission of roughly 14.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and creating an important South-western Amazon biodiversity corridor in a threatened and still unknown region, which is vital to the survival of iconic and endangered wildlife such as the jaguar, the lowland tapir and the puma.

Project ID: 302290