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Vichada Forest Restoration

Transforming fragile savannah lands into biodiverse forests to combat climate change


Situated nearby the Colombia–Venezuela border, the Vichada Climate Reforestation project is in an area that was previously a savannah and lacked investment due to its marginal, hard-to-reach location.

Afforestation, Reforestation Revegetation (ARR)

Sustainable Development Goals

8. Decent work and economic growth

80 new jobs

created, with secure working conditions for employees including minimum wage, health care and pension entitlements

13. Climate Action

51,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average each year

15. Life on land

80 million trees

have been planted in the project area

The Solution

The project combines both reforestation and afforestation activities with biodiversity protection and ecosystem regeneration, ultimately transforming degraded savannah lands into close-to-nature forests that both produce high quality hardwoods and sequester large amounts of carbon. These forests offer a natural habitat for native wildlife, enrich the soil, save and filter water and help mitigate the greenhouse effect by acting as a carbon sink.


The Impact

The Vichada Climate Reforestation project generates a range of significant environmental and socio-economic benefits. By mixing afforestation and reforestation activities, the project conserves remaining forests and promotes ecosystem interconnectivity by establishing ecological corridors. This improves biodiversity, and studies on the local flora have been developed through collaboration between regional NGOs. The project further protects natural resources, with trees shielding the soil from erosion to prevent flooding and optimise water quality. Where possible, minimal amounts of only the least harmful pesticides are used, softening the environmental impact of chemicals. Income from secure job opportunities with legal protections for workers helps alleviate local poverty, with leadership and development programs also offered to employees. The project is run by a multicultural team of men and women, and educates the community on climate change and the importance of sustainability activities. Community educational opportunities are further improved by capacity building programs in local schools.

Project ID: 302234
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