Reliable and comprehensive corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint accounting is the first step in the management of climate performance. Understanding the GHG footprint of a company's value chain sets the base for developing a successful climate strategy. This is an integral part of the company's broader strategy.

What is the climate impact of your business? How big is your organisation's carbon footprint? How can you reduce emissions from your operations? Understanding your GHG footprint is the key first step on your climate leadership journey.

South Pole's consultants have a proven track record in GHG accounting & reporting; having delivered 200+ accounting assignments for products, events and organisations. We bring a wealth of experience supporting companies across a variety of sectors and reporting our results that are compatible with leading environmental indicators including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Our broad range of expertise in corporate sustainability and GHG accounting also includes dedicated teams focused on the agriculture and finance sectors that can support you with addressing your portfolio and supply chain emissions respectively.

We are here to help you build your GHG inventory and understand your footprint. We can do this through providing you with a variety of different approaches; that can range from distributing surveys and data collection sheets or alternatively using our online proprietary GHG accounting and analytics packages.

Our team will be on hand to provide the appropriate solution for you.

Licensed AA1000 AccountAbility Assurance Provider

Licensed AA1000 AccountAbility Assurance Provider

We are a licensed partner to AccountAbility and can help you validate that your GHG accounting is accurate, reliable and transparent.

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