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Safe Community Water Supply

Improving health and sanitation with access to clean water


The quality of water in Rwanda is typically not safe to drink; for clean water, families must either boil it over inefficient wood-fuelled fires or travel long distances. The burden to source water, sometimes hours each day, or suffer respiratory illnesses from inhaling smoke from the indoor fires, especially impacts women and children. Boreholes offer an excellent solution, however, communities are often unable to maintain them over the long term.

Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty

68,000 people

benefit from project benefits, improving the livelihoods of communities

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

50 million litres

of clean water is supplied by project boreholes annually

13. Climate Action

140,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average annually by removing the need to boil water on wood fires for purification

15. Life on land

85,000 tonnes

of wood saved, relieving pressures on surrounding forests

The Solution

This project restores and repairs existing boreholes to provide clean drinking water to Rwandan communities, removing the need to boil water for purification. Each borehole is up to 100 metres deep, and can be operated with a simple hand pump. The boreholes will be maintained over the project lifetime.


The Impact

By providing safe water to communities, this project sparks a chain of positive benefits. Children do not have to spend as much time gathering water or firewood, so they can dedicate time to studying. Families resources are freed up as they don’t have to spend money or time on firewood, instead, they can take part in other income-generating activities, household tasks or taking care of each other. Water-borne and respiratory diseases are reduced thanks to better sanitary conditions and less indoor smoke. By removing the need to boil water the project significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as deforestation pressures on surrounding forests where firewood is sourced.

Project ID: 302099

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