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Sichuan Coal Mine Methane

Capturing methane to slash GHG emissions and generate clean energy


Methane, a potent greenhouse gas around 25-36 times more potent than carbon dioxide over 20 years is naturally released as coal is mined. This methane has to be channelled out of the mine due to safety reasons, such as the risk of explosion and to ensure the air quality remains safe for miners. Without the project, the majority of this methane is released into the atmosphere.


Sustainable Development Goals

4. Quality Education

Training for all employees

depending on their tasks they will be given general and technical training on installation, operation, maintenance and calibration of monitoring equipment

8. Decent work and economic growth

New job opportunities

boosting economic development in the region

13. Climate Action

215,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average annually

The Solution

The project involves capturing methane released at 4 coal mines near to Yibin city in southern Sichuan province. The captured methane is delivered to a newly constructed power plant with a combined capacity of 15 MW to convert it into power. This electricity will then be fed back to the coal mines for on-site electricity use, displacing electricity from the grid. In order to realise the project aim, other equipment and facilities such as gas storage tanks, compressors, and monitoring instruments will be installed as needed. Thanks to the project, an average annual volume of 15.6 million cubic meters of methane will be combusted and converted into electricity annually.


The Impact

The project helps to realise significant GHG reductions by capturing the methane that was previously released freely into the atmosphere. Furthermore, by providing jobs to locals, with each employee receiving thorough technical and general training for their role, local economic development is boosted. The project helps to set a precedent for other projects to be implemented in the region. Finally, boilers will be installed to recycle waste heat from the gas generators to provide the coal miners with hot water.

Project ID: 302108
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