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Climate Solutions for Aviation

South Pole offers a full suite of climate solutions for all players in the aviation industry taking voluntary action or complying with regulation.

Our solutions for the aviation industry include developing your strategy, reducing emissions with the latest innovations and procuring high-quality offsets.

Across the whole sector - airports, airlines, cargo, operators, fuel providers, business aviation and travel agencies - leaderschoose South Pole as their environmental sustainability partner. We have over 10 years' experience supplying carbon offsets and advisory services to airlines, airports and logistics companies.

South Pole’s Aviation offering includes:


Purchase carbon credits and finance climate action

Choose from one of the world’s largest portfolio of high-integrity climate action projects to drive credible climate action and sustainable development around the world.


Strategy and offsets for CORSIA compliance

South Pole supports airlines and other organisations in the aviation industry to comply with CORSIA - the international aviation scheme for reducing and offsetting carbon emissions


South Pole Flight emissions calculation methodology: Detailed

Flight emissions are very complex to calculate and various methodologies are available. South Pole does its best to reach a realistic estimate based on the most reliable data sources available.


Greenhouse gas emissions accounting

Measure your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions using methods aligned to Greenhouse Gas Emissions protocol.


Plastic Solutions

Plastic waste is entering the ocean at a rate of 11 million metric tons a year. Learn about our solutions and how we can support you to reduce your plastic footprint.


South Pole’s Digital Solutions

We understand that your business is under more pressure than ever to step up its sustainability agenda. That is why we have the software integrations available for you to get started today.


Climate Communications

Driving change through knowledge, awareness and engagement

Why work with South Pole?

Award winning carbon project developer

We are an award winning carbon project developer with over 800 global projects, including renewables, forestry, agriculture, and community-based projects.

Diverse project portfolio

Our clients have access to the largest and most diverse project portfolio in the world.

Structured large, long-term offset programmes

We have structured large, long-term offset programmes and contracts that meet clients' voluntary and compliance offset needs

Understanding of the regulatory context

We also understand the regulatory context thanks to multiple consulting mandates around the Paris Agreement at the country level and public sector mandates on transport.

Examples of our clients include:

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Talk to us about getting started on your Climate Journey.

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