Our solutions for airlines include developing your strategy, reducing emissions with the latest innovations and procuring high-quality offsets

Leaders in aviation and logistics choose South Pole as their offsetting partner. We have over 10 years' experience supplying carbon offsets and advisory services to airlines, airports and logistics companies.

Our services include:

  1. Engaging with environmentally conscious passengers through voluntary carbon offset programmes.
  2. Carbon calculators built into your checkout process, assistance in engagement campaigns to increase take-up rates.
  3. The highest quality offsets in the business.
  4. Offset procurement strategy for CORSIA.
  5. Offset demand modelling, help navigating offsets eligibility rules, best sourcing pathways and offset tender assistance.
  6. Offsets for CORSIA compliance from our project portfolio, the world's largest, at competitive pricing, personalised contract structures including call options and volume guarantees.
  7. Developing new and tailor-made projects, where and how you would like them.

Why work with South Pole?

We are an award winning carbon project developer with over 700 global projects, including renewables, forestry, agriculture, and community-based projects. Our clients have access to the largest and most diverse project portfolio in the world. We have structured large, long-term offset programmes and contracts that meet clients' voluntary and compliance offset needs. We also understand the regulatory context thanks to multiple consulting mandates around the Paris Agreement at the country level and public sector mandates on transport.

Examples of our clients include:

South Pole Clients

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