Designing and developing new projects demonstrates deeper social and environmental engagement.

Organisations choose to lead on climate by identifying and financing new projects tailored to their specific requirements in order to:

  • Differentiate brands and products for consumers by delivering impacts that relate directly to core business
  • Achieve measurable returns in supply chains by reducing risks and increasing yields and resilience
  • Engage suppliers in climate action strategies
  • Secure supply of carbon credits in exclusive, long-term agreements

Sustainable supply chains deliver many benefits

By developing a project within their supply chain, sometimes known as "insetting", companies finance the reduction, avoidance, and sequestration of greenhouse gas emissions in partnership with their stakeholders.

As well as increasing the resilience of the supply chain and improving the quality of commodities produced, these projects can also protect livelihoods, enhance biodiversity, empower women, and improve health.

Clean water for Tanzanian coffee farmers

Check out this project we developed with the COOP Switzerland in their coffee supply chain.

Tackling value chain emissions is becoming standard practice

The majority of corporate emissions are not in business operations. Our analysis of 115 corporate leaders with strong sustainability commitments showed that on average over 74% of emissions are in their value chains.

More and more businesses are taking action to address these sources of emissions. In fact, any company with more than 60% of its greenhouse gas footprint in its value chain submitting a Science Based Target has to include a reduction plan for these so-called "scope 3" emissions.

90% of companies with approved Science Based Targets aim to reduce emissions in their value chain

South Pole helps you understand your situation, design an effective response, and act through concrete interventions and projects.

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