Since 2006, South Pole has worked in over 40 countries to develop more than 700 projects that avoid, reduce or absorb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These projects have delivered verified and certified impacts that have benefited 20 million people and contributed to realising the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have not achieved this alone. In addition to our own projects, South Pole has supported thousands of partners to identify, implement and monitor projects that deliver impact with integrity.

We work with a wide range of project owners and partners including investors, land owners, technology providers, utilities, corporates, NGOs, non-profits, and community organisations with projects across forestry, agriculture and other land use (AFOLU), energy efficiency, transport, waste management, water, climate-smart buildings and renewable energy.

These partnerships have unlocked over US$15 billion for clean energy investments in emerging markets alone.

How we support our clients and partners

Our global team of over 300 technical, environmental, social, commercial, communications, financial and legal experts provides the necessary support to clients across all project types. We help our clients to generate the value they need to make a difference on climate mitigation and sustainable development in 6 steps.

  1. Identifying projects, assessing feasibility and conducting due diligence.
  2. Project development.
  3. Project operation, monitoring and maintenance.
  4. Ensuring compliance with relevant standards.
  5. QA/QC and risk assessment.
  6. Marketing projects through our established networks.

  7. Testimonials

    Carbon Green Africa

    "Carbon Green Africa has been working with South Pole since 2011 when the Kariba REDD+ project was first validated. South Pole's knowledge, experience, understanding and services they have provided us is second to none and together with a friendly and energetic team makes them true leaders putting them at the forefront of carbon project development. Thank you South Pole and the whole team we have worked with."

    Carbon Green Africa, Zimbabwe

    Edmundo Del Carmen, Ventus S.A.

    "We have been working with South Pole to generate carbon credits since 2019. South Pole's experienced team advised and guided us successfully and professionally for this project. Ventus S.A. is proud to be able to help preserve our planet and the environment."

    Edmundo Del Carmen, Ventus S.A.

    A selection of our project development partners

    project development partners

    Meet our experts

    Bamshad Houshyani

    Bamshad Houshyani, Director Project Development
    Since starting his career in the sustainability sector almost 20 years ago, Bamshad has been leading research, project development and project management services and processes for different types of environmental applications and sustainable technologies. Since 2006, Bamshad has focused his efforts on developing and promoting climate mitigation solutions globally, with clear positive climate and socio-ecological impacts; allowing public-private institutions, businesses and communities to play a key role in the global battle against climate change. As an engineer and a social entrepreneur, he strives to design sustainable systems that demonstrate - to businesses and societies - the clear benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle, to transition the existing economic system to a fair and sustainable one, for all.

    He has been affiliated, as a methodology panel member for the UNFCCC Executive Board; technical member of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) by VCS (aka Verra), WRI and UNEP DTU; the California GHG Program Registry - Climate Action Reserve (CAR); the UNFCCC Roster of Experts; and the Gold Standard Roster of Experts.

    Christian Dannecker

    Christian Dannecker, Director Global Sourcing
    As Director of global sourcing for South Pole, Christian has built up extensive experience working with business, communities and civil society organisations in the area of carbon credits and carbon markets, climate finance, REDD+ and development of forest carbon, conservation, agriculture and energy sector projects.

    Christian's special area of interest has been REDD+ projects across Latin America and Africa. Globally Christian has worked across Africa; Asia; and Australia, where he was driving the development of more than 100 conservation, low-carbon agriculture forest restoration and biodiversity conservation projects, commercial reforestation projects and community projects involving efficient stoves and energy efficiency in homes.

    He has been affiliated as a Jurisdictional REDD+ expert with Verra, CODE REDD members committee, Colombia's ASOCARBONO working group and also works as a Director in the Conservation NGO Fundación Magnolios.

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