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South Pole joins industry, policymakers and NGOs calling for transparent corporate targets on plastic pollution at UN negotiations in Nairobi
15 Nov 2023

South Pole joins industry, policymakers and NGOs calling for transparent corporate targets on plastic pollution at UN negotiations in Nairobi

Press Release
South Pole Team
  • Latest round of UN Global Plastics Treaty negotiations begins in Nairobi
  • Consensus gained amongst UN delegates, industry and NGO organisations on need for comprehensive mitigation framework

Leaders of global industry, NGOs and UN delegates have united in calling for a global policy framework that would address all stages of the plastic lifecycle.

Consensus was gained on the need for corporate targets that are transparent, robust, and actionable at an event in Nairobi, hosted by WBCSD, South Pole, EA Earth Action and TakaTaka Solutions. This comes as international negotiators gather at INC-3 in Nairobi to draft an internationally binding treaty on plastic pollution.

The high-level discussion was attended by the IFC-World Bank, World Economic Forum and UN delegates from Switzerland, Peru, Kenya and the USA. Attendees of 'Scaling Local Solutions to Plastic Pollution' experienced first hand in a tour of TakaTaka Solutions how plastic pollution could be properly managed in the Global South.

Whilst a future UN treaty is likely to set parameters for plastic pollution mitigation at a state level, attendees set out to align on how corporate plastic targets can mirror those of governments and support local solutions such as TakaTaka Solutions. Members of the Peruvian delegation to INC3 emphasised the similarities between the South American nation and Kenya, both being in need of vital investment in circular infrastructure to scale capacity.

Dr. Ayub Macharia, Director at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Kenyan Government discussed how private sector support for mandating an Extended Producer Responsibility scheme in the country was encouraging but stated the need for high quality data on plastic. Companies in the plastic value chain play a crucial role in supporting states as they have the data needed to address the full lifecycle of plastics and support investment in circular forms of waste management globally.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development emphasised that global industry alignment on target setting and reporting of plastic data is currently lacking. Data is needed to translate treaty targets into investment in circular infrastructure, especially on models that avoid the creation of waste. This was stated by the Plastic Footprint Network at the event.

The network is made up of 35 global organisations including EA Earth Action, South Pole, WBCSD, the Ellen MacArthur and WWF. It has urged for mandatory disclosure to be incorporated in the proposed treaty, centralising data from corporates and states by using the plastic footprint methodology.

The Network argued that the adoption of corporate plastic targets in a future treaty, that utilises policy tools such as EPR and mandatory disclosure, would help mitigate fears from corporations around accusations of greenwashing. It would also provide clear targets for organisations to meet instead of piecemeal voluntary measures.

Sarah Perreard, Co-CEO, EA Earth Action & the Plastic Footprint Network said: "After decades of scientific evidence documenting the impact of plastic pollution on the planet and humankind alike, this discussion represented the importance of public and private collaboration in working towards an effective solution to this crisis."

"A future UN treaty on plastic should set mandatory targets that are transparent, robust, as part of an accountability framework that provides transparent strategic guidelines for corporate action with the highest pollution mitigation potential."

Quentin Drewell, Director, Products and Materials, WBCSD: "The UN Global Plastics Treaty is likely to set parameters for national level plastic pollution mitigation, but a framework translating these goals to corporate targets is missing. The creation of 'a plastics protocol' - a global standard for plastic accounting - is critical for companies to manage performance and translate treaty targets into circular economy investment."

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About the Event

"Scaling Local Solutions to Plastic Pollution" comprised of a site visit to TakaTaka Solutions on 12/11/23, a leading recycling facility in followed by a high level participatory discussion on how the private and public sector actions needed to scale-up local solutions to plastic pollution globally in order to achieve global circularity and put an end to the plastics crisis.

Organisations in attendance included: USA delegation to UN, Kenya Environment and waste Management Association, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kenya), Loop, EVEA, Green Solutions, Swiss delegation to UN, World Bank, TOMRA, Alliance to End Plastic Waste, The Consumer Goods Forum, ACT Commodities Inc., NEMA, International Chamber of Commerce, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Dow Chemical, Strathmore University, Kwale Recycling Centre, Gemini Corporation, rePurpose Global, Climeco, Systemiq, Universal Corporation Limited, World Economic Forum, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, IFC, Actionaid, Green Economy for Kenya(GEFOK), Ednaclimate, Greenways Africa, United Nations Environment Program, Tearfund, Braskem, GDI, PwC, International Council of Beverages Association

About Plastic Footprint Network

The Plastic Footprint Network was established to unify the existing methodologies for conducting Plastic Footprint assessments and to create and advocate for the adoption and scaling of a single, up-to-date framework to be used by organisations to assess and mitigate the environmental impact of their plastic use.

Full Methodology can be viewed here:

Plastic Footprint Network Members include:

South Pole, The Ocean Race, The World Economic Forum, ClimeCo, Evalueserve, Minderoo Foundation, Plastic Action Platform, rePurpose Global, Sympatex Technologies, Verra, WWF, WBCSD, SystemIq, Seven Clean Seas, Quantis, Plasteax, GDFA, MariLCA, EVEA, Evalueserve, EA Earth Action, Climeco, Anthesis, Ampliphi

About EA Earth Action

EA Earth Action is a mission-driven research consultancy that designs solutions and metrics for a sustainable future, leading the development of plastic footprint methodologies and data. With expertise in studies of plastic pollution, EA identifies and addresses critical sustainability knowledge gaps, developing the data and applying insights to create research trusted by scientists and actionable by all. EA channels profits and time into developing science and broad-stakeholder initiatives, living a commitment to building a world where the needs of people, planet and profit are brought into balance.

For more information on EA Earth Action, please visit:

About South Pole

South Pole is a leading climate project developer and solutions provider.

Since its founding in 2006, South Pole has helped develop and provide climate finance to over 850 projects in more than 50 countries. Together, these projects have helped reduce over 200 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, and provided measurable benefits to communities vulnerable to climate change. South Pole's projects accelerate the transformation across all sectors, including across sustainable land-use, ecosystem conservation, circular economy, and renewable energy.

South Pole also advises governments and thousands of leading companies on their climate journeys to achieve net zero emissions. With its global Climate Solutions platform, it implements comprehensive strategies that help organisations across the world build resilience and turn climate action into long-term business opportunities. Our global team of over 1,000 experts is trusted by many FT500 businesses and world-class investors around the world.

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