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GoldPower was developed by South Pole's Australian subsidiary Climate Friendly, in close cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Its objective: to totally transform how the world generates electricity. In the process, it has also improved economic, educational and living conditions in affected communities.Recognising the positive impact of GoldPower the WWF and Windmade put their support behind it. Soon leading global firms such as SAP, TetraPak and PWC discovered how GoldPower would give them a competitive advantage. Now, it's time for you to find out how GoldPower can help your organisation

The World's First Global Renewable Energy Label

GoldPower RECs are not limited or restricted to regions, nations or continents. They are truly global. They're also practical, efficient and spread the benefits of renewable energy further. The value brought by GoldPower touches your supply and value chains and trickles into improving the homes, small businesses and lives throughout the communities you work in.

" GoldPower demonstrably stimulates new investments in new renewable electricity capacity and is certified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond business as usual. WWF recommends GoldPower to companies that want to drive quality renewable electricity solutions." - Dr Stephan Singer, Director Global Energy Policy, Global Climate and Energy Initiative, WWF International.

As Simple As it is Smart

  1. Your business uses electricity to power operations
  2. We measure how much electricity you use in MWh
  3. A small premium is paid to purchase GoldPower RECs that match your electricity use in MWh
  4. The premiums paid are then applied to renewable energy projects around the world

Besides being treated to clean, efficient and affordable energy, these communities also benefit from improved health care, educational services, roads and more. The impact is nothing but positive for all who are touched by GoldPower RECs.

Ten Reasons to Go With GoldPower

  1. Power entire operations with 100% new renewable energy, certified by the Gold Standard Foundation
  2. Secure globally available renewable energy, even in hard to access countries
  3. Reduce your company's energy footprint in a transparent and credible manner
  4. Benefit from competitive prices
  5. Demonstrate how you 'walk the talk' in the battle to control climate change
  6. Generate compelling stories to engage staff and customers
  7. Own a clear and transparent public register of purchased certificates
  8. Report to and improve your position in CDP and GRI rankings
  9. Support projects in developing countries with a proven social impact
  10. Join the RE100 initiative and position your company as a sustainability leader

What SAP Has to Say

" GoldPower offers us a high quality solution we can source with reasonable effort at a competitive price. In 2015, we decided to renew our GoldPower purchasing agreement. We believe a long-term commitment is key to achieving our renewable energy objectives." - Jonas Dennler SAP's global environmental manager

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