Make quantifiable contributions to the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

GoldPower was created in 2009 in cooperation with WWF to certify renewable energy projects with the highest levels of environmental integrity and social impact.

GoldPower projects deliver:

  • clean power and CO2 reductions
  • at least three UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, in areas including healthcare, education, employment, gender equality and biodiversity
  • robust verification and transparent third-party audits

GoldPower is recognised internationally

GoldPower is awarded to plants that are registered on internationally recognised issuers, such as the I-REC standard and the TIGR registry.

GoldPower is recognised by key reporting initiatives such as CDP and RE100.

Logos - GoldPower is recognised by key reporting initiatives such as CDP

Five reasons to go with GoldPower projects

  1. They make quantifiable and verified contributions to achieving the SDGs and contributing to local communities
  2. They ensure additional social and environmental safeguards
  3. They produce high quality renewable energy solutions that meet strict quality criteria
  4. They support countries with challenging renewable energy markets
  5. They demonstrate corporate leadership and vision by combining business needs with tangible environmental and social impacts

Support the global energy transition and the SDGs in three simple steps

Step 1. Electricity Use

Multinational companies are reducing emissions and sourcing renewable energy around the world, but, in some markets, it is hard to avoid fossil fuels entirely.

Step 2. Matched with Goldpower

Matching remaining fossil fuel consumption with GoldPower certificates supports global generation of renewable energy and meets all major sustainability reporting initiatives' requirements

Step 3. Delivers additional Impacts

The premium paid to purchase GoldPower ensures that, in addition to power and emissions reductions, projects make quantified, verified contributions to three additional Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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