South Pole supports businesses and public bodies to improve their sustainability performance by offering a dynamic portfolio of sustainability consulting services. We combine customised advisory solutions with the ability to implement bold climate action worldwide.

Understand. Design. Act.

South Pole's experts simplify the challenges of climate change and develop suitable and credible solutions. We help you understand stakeholder demands and your sustainability impact. We support you in the design of your strategy and ultimately to act for positive impact.

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South Pole provides solutions such as emission reduction programs, renewable energy solutions, corporate impact funds, supply chain climate action, insetting and carbon credits. With a clear focus on climate change related risks and opportunities, our team of experts also consults on impacts and solutions in the related areas of agriculture, forests and water.

Who we work with

At South Pole, we work with a range of clients across different sectors. Each client faces unique challenges, we work in partnership to develop individual solutions:

  • Businesses, must understand their sustainability related risks and opportunities, and design appropriate strategies that allow for effective action.
  • Investment Community and Capital Markets, require data to ensure that investments are safeguarded against the physical and transition risks of climate change and are aligned with the SDGs and a low-carbon economy. There is also a growing need to identify and develop suitable project solutions that facilitate a sustainable transition for investors.
  • Governments (national, sub-national, cities), need assistance with setting conditions that will enable financing and implementing the SDGs and the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.

Top 5 reasons why clients work with us

Global Presence

Our consultants are available across time zones, connecting the Global North with the Global South.

This global presence also enables our worldwide climate action project sourcing capabilities (we have over 700 projects in our portfolio) and our strong energy market knowledge.

Recognised Thought Leader

Our experts are at the forefront of the political discussions around climate change and belong to the visionary thought leaders in the field.

We work on forests, agriculture and water as well as on climate and anticipate related trends such as plastic pollution and biodiversity protection.

Combination of Consultancy Services and Sustainability Solutions

We provide reliable data and accounting but we also support you in using that data to implement action.

We combine strategic advisory and sustainability solutions such as carbon credits and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under one roof.

Our work delivers impact through concrete climate action programs in operations and supply chains around the globe.

Cross-sectoral Insights

We work across sectors and enable knowledge transfer from one to the other. We have an appreciation for corporate innovation, understand what drives investors and are closely aligned with the public sector and their work on political frameworks.

Marketing and Communications Support

Our Marketing and Communications team operates like a fully-fledged agency. We can support our clients from designing materials to communicating to key stakeholders.

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