By setting targets on climate (for instance SBTs), water and forests, your organisation defines a clear and measurable roadmap.

Intelligent target setting is the blueprint for developing strategies to reduce emissions and increase resilience. Such strategies help you to prepare your business for the future, deal with climate risks and meet growing investor demands for increased transparency.

Target setting

It always seems impossible until it's done.

- Nelson Mandela

We give our clients the best possible basis to define their own relevant targets - against a realistic timeline and compared to their competitors (benchmarking). And then we support them to achieve their goals, every step of the way.

Over 1,000 clients have already benefited from South Pole's expertise to define and achieve their sustainability goals. Building on the most current scientific datasets and recommendations, we support clients' aim for GHG emission reductions, climate neutrality or even to become net positive. But we don't stop at carbon, our expertise covers energy, water, deforestation and plastic use.

South Pole's team of experts has extensive experience around the following trends and initiatives:

  • Climate Targets and Science-Based Targets (SBTs): Alignment with the Paris Agreement and sectoral industry goals
  • RE100: Renewable energy sourcing, including on-site generation, renewable energy certificates (RECs), and PPAs
  • Energy efficiency initiatives, paying special attention to no-cost and low-cost measures
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Strategy development, implementation and monitoring

As part of South Pole's " Climate Leaders Programme", we develop and implement individual carbon reduction and sustainability strategies.

One key factor in our clients' success when implementing strategies is our monitoring expertise. We ensure that projects deliver the impact they were designed to achieve, not only for operations and processes but also in relation to the raw material supply chains that are essential to your business:

Enabling low carbon operations and manufacturing, in-house and for suppliers

  • We support you to develop tailor-made roadmaps of GHG reduction that identify and capitalise on the ideal mix of no-cost and low-cost opportunities in the short-, medium- and long-term.
  • Our team will help you develop and implement a resilience strategy for your operations and your suppliers, taking into account the most significant impacts of climate change.

Generating positive impact in raw material sourcing

  • Productive and sustainable raw material supply chains, particularly related to agriculture and smallholders, rely heavily on healthy ecosystems and striving communities.
  • Our team of experts will help you develop and implement an impactful low-carbon resilience strategy for your supply chain.
  • We advise you on reducing carbon emissions, tackling water risks, eliminating deforestation and increase community livelihoods through positive impact strategies.
  • Through our global project development capacities, we design and deliver concrete improvement projects on-farm, for communities and in key landscapes.

Realise climate opportunities, deal with climate risks and meet growing investor demands for increased transparency with our Climate Leaders Programme.

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